Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whirlwind Week - The Pixel Quilt Recap

Have you ever had one of those surreal moments when you swear that you must be dreaming? 

Yeah, me too...only my entire last week has been one ridiculously amazing adventure after another and I'm still not entirely sure that it was ALL real; so forgive me if I still have a puzzled look on my face. 

It all started on Sunday, April 21st when I posted the below picture and wrote this post.

I had hoped that I'd get a 100 or so views on my blog post, maybe a couple of Pins into Pinterest and maybe some quilting friends or blog followers would comment.  Yet, what I didn't expect was this...

This my friends is my blog stat counter for last week.  See that # up at the top...15015, that is 15015 views on 1 post...1 freakin' awesome post about my David Tennant "The Tenth" pixelated quilt. 

Oh, and it didn't stop there...Oh, No.

Then this happened and I nearly died...

Yep, that would be the amazingly talented Jenny Lawson, otherwise known as The Bloggess.  I've followed her blog for years now; but never imagined that I would be having not only a Twitter conversation with her; but that it would result in her following me...yes, little ol me.  AAAHHH!!!! 

If that wasn't enough, so many others have helped get the word out about my quilt that there is no way that I could list or keep track of everyone who has been truly amazing, so I'll just say...ALOT of people spread the word, shared on Facebook, Tweeted about it, wrote blog posts, pinned the hell out of my quilt, etc, etc, etc.  I've "met" some amazing people now on Twitter, Facebook, etc and discovered whole new worlds too.  All of which just added to the excitement and I can't wait to build upon those relationships.

So, if you are one of those people, I cannot THANK YOU enough for all that you have done.  It seriously meant the world to me that you joined in my geekiness for the entire week.

The only downfall to all of this is that now that things have quieted down, the rush of adreneline is gone and I've crashed hard. 

Social media is one serious drug.

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  1. see, that's what happens when you make something that is so incredibly amazing everyone in the world goes O_O
    You deserve it!

  2. Wow that's awesome! I think I saw it on the Guardian although I can't actually remember now... I did however head straight to Craftsy and look up a pixel quilting course :D

    Thank you for inspiring me to bring "Sewing Sarah" and "Geek Sarah" together :D I can't believe those guys haven't met yet!

  3. Though I haven't experienced the media blitz, I have made my own "perfect quilt". It took 6 months to get my quilting mojo back. Nothing compared to that quilt. Finally I bought a Featherweight and that solved the problem. :) Good luck through this next phase. :)

  4. All that attention was so well deserved, it is an awesome quilt! I tweeted and facebook-ed about it, just because I love the concept and your quilt so much, and I'm not even into Dr Who! Don't feel down that the 'hype' is over, this is just the beginning and a great opportunity to get your name out there even more. Soon you will be getting quilt requests for people's favourite character/tv star!!! Capitalise on it!! All the best, Sarah :-)

  5. I love Jenny Lawson too! Congratulations! I was telling my family about your quilt at Sunday dinner. My parents are big Dr. Who fans. All the best to you. It would be so cool if you got to meet the stars of the show and have them photographed with your quilt.

  6. I was telling people about it in real life too, everyone Loves it. As they should. That was fifteen thousand correct? Holey schmoley. You really do need recovery time. You should check your mojo into a "mojo mental health facility" for exhaustion :)

  7. OMG...LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!!! Did I mention that I LOVE it?!?!? My son has been watching The Doctor since he was 6 or 7 - he is now 16. David is his FAVORITE of all time and he has BBC approved clothing/coat so he can cosplay the 10th Doctor. Thank you so much for sharing how you made it...I was considering making him a TARDIS quilt for Christmas but I may just have to delve in and try to recreate this for him instead. FABULOUS job, girlie! :) And from one Whovian to another...Allons-y! :)


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