Monday, May 2, 2016

May Is For Makers - Supporting Indie Pattern Designers

Yesterday I came across Lindsey's Call To Action which she affectionately titled May Is For Makers.
If this is news to you, go check out her blog by clicking on the graphic below.

May Is For Makers |

Makers Gonna Make

As a Pattern Designer, Maker, and Quilter; I know first-hand what goes into designing, writing and self-publishing a pattern.  I have been doing it myself since 2012, and while I have stumbled a lot along the way, there have been a lot of triumphs too.

The first of which was being able to hold a pattern I had written in my hands, in all it's prettified, full-color, sealed in a bag Glory.

I didn't think it could get better then that; but then I sold one, and it wasn't even to someone I knew. That is a pretty big rush and I remember celebrating that day.

Even now, no matter if I sell one pattern via my PayHip shop, or am lucky enough to receive an order from one of the wholesale distributors that I work with, the rush is still there.

Free Or Not To Be Free

Like many of the Designers out here in blog-land, I started by offering free tutorials.  You can still find those that I have written, up there in my header under what else...Free Tutorials.

In the beginning, it was a quick and easy way to get my concepts out there, learn and gain valuable feedback. Yet, somewhere along the way things changed and some people started to expect that everything would be free.

Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate freebies like everyone else; but I also have common sense and understand that not everything can, or even should be free.  Gosh, can you imagine what a nightmare that would be.

I still share free content; but in a much more thoughtful manner and would expect nothing less from the others out there doing the same thing.

Supporting One Another

As Lindsey mentions in her blog post, she started this campaign to not only show some love to the Makers and Designers out there; but to encourage others to do it too.

Want to participate; but not sure where to look to find Indie Designers of any sort, a good place to start is Craftsy, Etsy, Bloggers you follow, or even the #MayIsForMakers hashtag on Instagram.

Why Buy A Pattern

In most instances, if I look hard enough at a quilt or quilt block, I can figure out how it is constructed and while you might expect that I would never need to purchase a pattern...I still do.  

Not only because I'm lazy and just want the math figured out for me...I mean why do it myself when for $9-$12, it's done for me; but more importantly because I know the passion that went into writing the pattern in the first place.  

We do not write patterns to become wealthy (if you know how to do that, let me know). We do it because we are passionate about our designs, and our artistic vision...and maybe just maybe someone else out there likes what we have done too.

Last But Not Least

To learn how you can be a part of Lindsey's #MayIsForMakers campaign, visit her blog, or check out all of the photos on Instagram of others who are throwing some love to Indie Designers.

I purchased my first pattern as part of the #MayIsForMakers campaign...check out what I bought on my Instagram page.

Thanks for reading along, if you want to send some love my way, you can check out my PayHip shop here

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Lattice Work)

In going through my drafts folder, I realized that I neglected to post about this pattern that I created for Windham Fabrics.  It uses the Gardening collection by Dinara Mirtalipova; which is currently available at retail.

While, it is one of the more complex patterns that I have written due to the amount of pieces and overall look of the block, I would still consider it something for an Advanced Beginner to tackle.  I named it LatticeWork; as the quilt looks like a zoomed in image of lattice; which also relates to landscaping, gardening, so on and so forth.  

LATTICE WORK Free Quilt Pattern // Kristy Daum for Windham Fabrics using the Gardening collection by Dinara Mirtalipova  #quilting #freepattern #freequiltingpattern #quilt

As always you can find this and other patterns by clicking the Buy My Patterns or Free Tutorials link at the top of my blog header.  And of course if you make a quilt using this pattern, please send me an email or tag me on social media.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wizard World, Doctor Who & My Pixel Quilt

Sometimes you just need a sidekick, wingman, or in my case...a Quilt Companion to make things happen.  What am I talking about?  Well this...

Wizard World, Doctor Who & My Pixel Quilt // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum : A pixel quilt's journey takes an unexpected turn when faced with the man who inspired it.  #DoctorWho #DavidTennant #BBC #Quilting #PixelQuilt #Whovian

Journey's End ?

It is interesting because I thought that this quilt's journey was over after it was in a museum exhibit last year; but the journey continued a few weekends ago during St. Louis Comic Con (WizardWorld) when David Tennant got to meet his quilted doppleganger.

When the announcement was first made that David Tennant would be attending, I was estastic; but when the tickets went on sale, the cost made it prohibitive. Yet, a month or so ago they opened up a small number of individual VIP passes and I was able to scoop one up...still expensive; but a little less so, and when in my lifetime would I have this opportunity.

Wizard World, Doctor Who & My Pixel Quilt // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum : A pixel quilt's journey takes an unexpected turn when faced with the man who inspired it.  #DoctorWho #DavidTennant #BBC #Quilting #PixelQuilt #Whovian

My Sister kept asking me if I was excited, and I know that my response always err'd on the side of being cautious.  It is one thing to have made a piece of art and have it receive an outpouring of love and admiration from common circles; but this is different.

Plans changed

My VIP access included a 3-day pass to the event, a photo, and an autograph.  The intention was to show him a 5x7 pic of the quilt as he was autographing it, simple as that. My Sister had other plans, and was determined to have it included in the photograph that I got as part of the package.

She spoke with the WizardWorld crew and convinced them that this had to happen.  A few minutes later we prepped the quilt and got in line. My Sister was a trooper, as she not only was having to hold the quilt during this entire time; but doing so surrounded by hundreds of other people squished together like sardines.

10 Seconds

After waiting in line for what felt like forever, it was our turn.  I took my place next to David Tennant while my Sister held the 8ft quilt as high as her 5' 6" frame would allow.  He looked at it and said
" I'm A Quilt! ".

Wizard World, Doctor Who & My Pixel Quilt // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum : A pixel quilt's journey takes an unexpected turn when faced with the man who inspired it.  #DoctorWho #DavidTennant #BBC #Quilting #PixelQuilt #Whovian

Impossible To Know

While I will never know exactly what he was thinking in that moment, the look on his face does appear to show genuine joy; which is enough for me.  A few hours later, the day had ended, my quilt was autographed and I was a Happy Camper!  Now to figure out how I'm going to ever pay my Sister back for helping to make the weekend one to remember is another story.

Wizard World, Doctor Who & My Pixel Quilt // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum : A pixel quilt's journey takes an unexpected turn when faced with the man who inspired it.  #DoctorWho #DavidTennant #BBC #Quilting #PixelQuilt #Whovian

If you would like to read about The Tenth's journey from the beginning, check out these earlier blog posts below.