Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Quilt Recap

I think that this might be the first time that I've done a Yearly Recap; which might not be so interesting for you; but for my record-keeping, it's sure going to come in handy.

Want to come along as I take a short trip down memory lane?


::: Quilts that I made this year

I made 14 quilts this year...WHOA!!! 
  • 4 were baby/crib sized
  • 10 were lap-size or larger
While there are only 12 quilts pictured above, there are 2 quilts that I made for magazines; which I will be able to share with you in early to mid 2013 (when the issues come out).
For some perspective, I checked back to 2011 and 2010. 
In 2011, I only made 5 quilts. 
In 2010, I only made 2 quilts. 
 Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1 year and 9 months later

It all started back in April 2011, when I told my Brother & new Sister-in-Law that I'd make them a quilt in celebration of their wedding.  After talking to each of them, it was clear that one quilt wouldn't do...I'd need to make two.

Thanks to two STLMQG Sew-In Saturdays, I was able to piece together a good portion of both tops; but then I got busy and these sat on my table, waiting for their turn at the machine.  Fast forward to about a week ago...Yep, that's 1 year and nearly 9 months later for those of you counting.  I was finally able to finish these up and just in time for Christmas.


Here is the quilt that I made for my Sister-in-Law. 
Fabrics Used: Kona Medium Grey, Coal and various purple prints from my stash
Size: approx. 60" x 60"

The binding was a spontaneous decision and I really like the result.  It is Tula Pink's "Lazy Stripe" in lapis from her Birds & Bees collection.  Once I cut the strips, I knew I had made the right decision as it's quirky and looks sort of like woodgrain.  Well, in a strange Dr. Seuss sort of way, since it's purple. 

Here is the quilt that I made for my Brother.
Fabrics Used: Kona Medium GreyButterscotch, Papaya, School Bus along with some Orange Painter's Canvas from my fabric stash 
Size: approx. 52" x 68"

I guess you can say that they are similiar but different, they both use the same Kona Medium Grey base, the designs both included "pointed"...triangles, and they both were quilted with the same meandering stipple stitch.

These will hopefully keep them toasty warm as the Winter months progress.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

QAYG Pouches

QAYG stands for Quilt As You Go...and I'm in LOVE.  QAYG is a method of creating quilted patchwork panels which you can use for several different projects.  I've chosen to make small and medium size pouches; but you can make a quilt, totebag, etc, etc.  Here is the tutorial that I used from Elizabeth Hartman.

You may remember me showing you this first pouch that I made for our Lou Bee exchange in early December.

I quickly followed that up with this one.

And then this one.

And finally this one.


All of these have been gifted away or ready and waiting to be gifted, so it looks like it's time to make one for me...OR (light bulb turning on) maybe a whole coordinating set.

Friday, December 21, 2012

This Last Week

Just a quick post to share with you two photos from this last week.

One of the "empty" rooms in my house has been repurposed as an Antiques Attic, or so that's what my Sister calls it.  It currently holds 2 rather large pieces and 1 medium size piece of furniture.  Eventually, when I have the time to redecorate, they'll have a proper place to call home.

I received these wonderful Charm Packs from Windham Fabrics last week, it's the "Glimma" line from Lotta Jansdotter; which comes out April 2013. 
You may remember my "Modernized D9P" quilt that I made using Lotta's last line "Bella".
My blogging has been rather slow lately; but I have a couple of posts already written and waiting to publish, including some finished projects (large and small).
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Exchange

I had been seeing the QAYG (Quilt As You Go) stuff all over the blogosphere and wanted to give it a go.  For those unfamiliar with QAYG, it's a method of quilting in which you actually quilt your block while you are building it, rather then waiting until your block is finished. 

I used this "tutorial" from Elizabeth Hartman as my starting point and decided that a small item would be best, since it was my first go at this new technique.  I settled on a pouch, similiar to this from Freshly Picked; but larger.

I selected a handful of fabrics from my scrap bin and got to work.  This panel (which measured 10" x 10") wasn't without it's challenges; but you don't learn unless you try.

I decided that I was just going to use a print as the backing and I think it turned out pretty well.  While you can see the quilting lines going in every which direction, overlapping and ending haphazardly, the print distracts nicely.

I finished the pouch just in time for our Lou Bee Holiday Exchange and got in a quick photo session before rushing out the door. 



Now before I show you what I received in the exchange, I have to share with you a quick sidebar. 

The Lou Bee started as a quilting bee; but our little group has become the bestest (is that a word?) of friends.  Juli Ann, our resident Artist, even created this logo for our group. 

Well, you can imagine my astonishment when I opened up my Holiday Exchange package from Laura and found this gem inside along with some other goodies too.  OMG!!!  Can you believe that she hand embroidered this?  It measures approx. 3" x 5" and is unbelieveably detailed.

Just look at those stitches......I'm speechless....

I hope you are able to spend some time this weekend with friends and family.  It's only 17 days until Christmas and 23 until New Years Day, don't let it pass you by.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Tutorial Freebie - Festive Fabric Chain

Hi Again!  Just popping in to let you know about the second freebie tutorial that I wrote

Don't get me wrong, I really like the GiftCard Holders that I created here; but
I LOVE this Festive Fabric Chain.

Just think of all the ways in which you can decorate with this fabric chain.
::: Hang it on the Christmas Tree
::: On the Fireplace Mantel
::: Over a Doorway
::: Etc, Etc, Etc

What are you waiting for...head on over to SewTimeless and get start digging in your fabric stash.