2012 Quilt Recap

I think that this might be the first time that I've done a Yearly Recap; which might not be so interesting for you; but for my record-keeping, it's sure going to come in handy.

Want to come along as I take a short trip down memory lane?


::: Quilts that I made this year

I made 14 quilts this year...WHOA!!! 
  • 4 were baby/crib sized
  • 10 were lap-size or larger
While there are only 12 quilts pictured above, there are 2 quilts that I made for magazines; which I will be able to share with you in early to mid 2013 (when the issues come out).
For some perspective, I checked back to 2011 and 2010. 
In 2011, I only made 5 quilts. 
In 2010, I only made 2 quilts. 
 Happy New Year!!!