Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sneaky! Sneaky!

I got to work this morning, a routine Wednesday, nothing special...when in walks my friend, Jenny.  The first words out of her mouth were something about being Sneaky.  I didn't know what she was referring to until she pulled this out of her bag...

She didn't have to say anymore, I knew what it was for....QuiltCon.   

Seriously, when's the last time you counted down to something using the paper chain method, Kindergarten? 3rd grade?  I highly encourage you to make a paper chain to celebrate something you are excited about...or better yet, make one for a friend, relative, or even a neighbor.

Thanks Jenny!!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Call me a Snob if you must...

If you read my previous post, you'll remember that my much loved sewing machine died earlier in the week.  I tried to put on a brave face; but I was actually dreading having to shop for another machine...I know how dare I.  Yet, one doesn't realize how much the industry has changed not only in 5 years; but 15.  It's overwhelming.

My old machine didn't have luxuries like needle up/down, an extention table, etc. so realizing that some of these things are standard now, made me very happy.  I spent much of Wednesday night researching brands, reading reviews and mapping out local dealers that carried a variety of brands and styles.

I spent most of Thursday checking out the competition, test-driving other machines and in the end I just couldn't do it...I couldn't walk away from Bernina.  If that makes me a Snob, then fine; I'm a Snob.

In my research, I just found that some of the other machines which to me seemed like they should have cost less, actually cost hundreds more then the machine I had my eye on.  After all was said and done, what really sealed the deal was three things.  First, I learned about a promotion where I could knock off $100 from the SRP putting it within my price range.  Two, that I could actually finance the machine instead of having to cough up all that money at once.  Three, that all of my presser feet (including the Walking Foot that I had purchased only a year and a half prior) would still work on my new machine. 

We are all comfortable with certain things and gravitate towards them...Ford vs. Chevrolet, Taco Bell Tacos vs. Jack in the Box Tacos, Pizza Hut vs. Domino's, Target vs. Walmart. 

When it comes to sewing machines, I'm a Bernina-Girl.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RIP Bernina

After working lots of long hours the last few weeks, I was finally able to take a few days of vacation.  I plugged my Bernina Activa 130 in last night, sewed about an 8" seam when the LCD screen flickered and went black. 

My immediate reaction because of the crazy winds we have been having, was that it must have been a power-flicker.  I shut my Bernina down, unplugged, waited 5 min and started her up again.  I sewed about an inch and a half, before she gave out completely. 

I panicked as any Quilter or Sewist would. 

I woke up this morning and headed to a local Bernina dealer/fabric shop, where they promised me they would call later with an estimate on the repairs.  A few hours later, I received that dreaded call.  The repairs will cost hundreds $$$$$

So, I bid you farewell Bernina Activa 130...may you RIP.

  • I fondly remember buying you back in 1997, as a highschool graduation gift to myself.  I suprisingly still have the receipt after all these years. 
  • I remember all the clothing we sewed together while I studied Fashion Design at Wash U.
  • I remember the couple of years you sat quiet while I pursued other adventures, only to realize Quilting is what I really wanted to do.
  • I remember this quilt, this quilt, and most recently this quilt that you helped me finish.

I remember so many things and yet it is time to put those memories in a lovely little box and file them away.  In the interim, I'm borrowing my Mom's Bernina Sport 801; which has been a workhorse for the last 30 years.

I don't know what the future holds and I hate the thought that I have to start a search now for my a new machine; but I know that I'll always have a little spot in my heart for my Bernina Activa 130.

Please note that I bought my machine in January of 1997, over 15 years ago and only once have I ever had to take it in for a minor repair (tension).  Hence, my sadness over loosing this gem.