Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Radiant)

RADIANT is the last of the quilt patterns that I created for Windham Fabrics. Our collaboration taught me a lot about how I work, and allowed me to expand my design skills and introduced me to a lot of wonderful people.  While I look forward to further opportunities with them and would love to collaborate again on pattern design, I am not presently doing so and it has been a nice reprieve as the pile of things, which has been put on the back burner now needs to be sorted/started.  

Now back to RADIANT...this quilt was initially created for another collection; but was not among those chosen.  All that changed when I colored it up in the Logos & Sew Hopeful Collections from Whistler Studios. The quilt transformed immediately and shows you how using a minimal amount of color makes a huge impact.

RADIANT Quilt Pattern by Kristy Daum //  Windham Fabrics #quilting #freequiltpattern #blackandwhite #whistlerstudios #modernquilt

As always you can find this and other patterns by clicking the Buy My Patterns or Free Tutorials link at the top of my blog header.  And of course if you make a quilt using this pattern, please send me an email or tag me on social media @KristyDaum