Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Expansion)

You might remember my post last week [Free Quilt Pattern : PARTITION] when I mentioned that Windham Fabrics asked me to create some concepts using their Palette and Artisan Cotton collections.  EXPANSION which I am sharing here is the third and final quilt that I created as part of that assignment.  You might remember the SPIRAL BOUND quilt that I showed a week or so ago, it was also part of this group.

EXPANSION uses the same block structure as PARTITION; but is transformed into something completely different just by rearranging the grid and adding more blocks.  I used the [Artisan Cotton Collection]; which had 22 colors from which I could chose to play with, yet in the end this lime and blue colorway won.  I named this design EXPANSION because it reminded me of a top view of structural plans.

Expansion Quilt by Kristy Daum

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