Where Oh Where Do I Start...

My Friends...it's been much too long since we chatted.

Here's what has been happening around my neck of the woods...

  • Designed & wrote 3 quilt patterns for Camelot Fabrics; which I'm pretty excited about, and I'm sewing up some more pillows for them, some of which may go to Quilt Market.

  • I am participating in an upcoming Blog Hop for the talented Amanda Caronia; whose first fabric collection Spring Bloom for Windham Fabrics is shipping this month.  You might remember that I used this collection for a quilt [PATHWAYS] I created for their Fall Market booth in Houston back in 2014.  I was only working with engineered fabric/strike-offs at the time; but now I get to play with the real thing.  I'll have more info about the Blog Hop next week, so stay tuned as I'll be giving away some Spring Bloom fabric.

Now...I think too often blogland highlights only the exciting and pretty stuff, giving the false impression that nothing bad, sad or indifferent happens...and that is just not the truth.  The reality is that these last few months while all of the above has been happening, it's been anything but easy around here and if I'm being truthful, it has taken a toll on my health and well-being.

We've been short-staffed at work; which means a lot of long exhausting hours spent at the office; so by the time I get home each evening I want to do nothing more then go to bed.  It also means super late, and likely poor food choices...ugh!!  Then in mid-March, I got some news completely out of left field and while I know in the end it will all work out, it made me question everything that I had been doing these last several years.

The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm finding my way. I'm hoping to not be as absent as I have been; but sometimes it helps to step away every once in a while to recharge.

Bring on Spring and lots of Sun!!