QuiltCon 2015 Preparation

It was about this time two years ago that I wrote a similar post about QuiltCon 2013.  This time around I am still not prepared and am running around trying to get everything pulled together at the last minute.  You would think I've known about this for months...or years.

I do have a lanyard, thanks to Marci.

People on Instagram were talking about trading mini buttons. I wasn't going to participate since I didn't have a proper logo; but in the end I decided to jump in anyway.  If you want to trade, come find me.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum - Pins & Networking Cards

And as an added bonus, my Dad cut out several quilty pinwheels and made them into keychains...so I'll have a limited supply of those to hand out to quilty friends too.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum - Wood Pinwheels

What I did want to do was make another bag, I'm thinking another AMH Artist Tote would work. This was the one I made in 2013. Or maybe I'd make the Noodlehead Poolside Tote instead. Yet time is flying by so decisions must be made.

I signed up for two workshops:

  • English Paper Piecing with Katy Jones 714
  • Basic Improvisational Quilting with Quilters of Gee's Bend 515B

I'm pulling together the items I need from the supply lists, although I know that I can certainly pick up most anything I forgot at any one of the vendor booths.

And even if I don't need anything from the vendors, that doesn't mean I won't be strolling the aisles to find stuff I want.

Then there is the standard...what am I going to wear? Should I get a tattoo? Etc.

I know a lot will happen on the fly; it did last year and it will happen again this time around, because you never know who you are going to bump into; but if anyone wants to grab lunch, dinner or just hang out for a while, I'm your girl.  So tell me, are you going to QuiltCon this year?