My Patterns - Your Versions (Part 2)

While I love designing patterns, something that excites me more is when people share projects they have created using them.  This post is about you and how you have used my patterns and free tutorials.


Karina @kmkauckland made two of my 3rd Floor Baskets, you can see the photos below; which she shared with me on Instagram.  Want to make one yourself? The free tutorial is here [3rd Floor Basket]

3rd Floor Basket - Made by Karina @kmkauckland // Pattern by Kristy Daum

3rd Floor Basket - Made by Karina @kmkauckland // Pattern by Kristy Daum


Karina also made my MAZED Quilt; which she told me was one of the first patterns she followed when she was learning to quilt several years ago.  MAZED was the first pattern that I self-published and can be found here [Pattern Shop]

MAZED Quilt - Made by Karina @kmkauckland // Pattern by Kristy Daum


Dan @hogg2380 is a member of and unofficial bouncer of the St. Louis MQG...because you know we quilters need a bouncer, Hahaha.  He pieced together this FLOORPLAN quilt last year and I believe we saw it completed at a recent Show & Tell.  This pattern was originally available in Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine; but was recently made available for purchase in my [Pattern Shop].

FLOORPLAN Quilt - Made by Dan @hogg2380 // Pattern by Kristy Daum


Veronica @veronicaferguson made a STAR'D quilt, and I believe she is the first (aside) from me to do so.  She added a wide border to make the quilt large enough for a bed.  Interested in making your own, you can find the pattern here [Pattern Shop].

STAR'D Quilt - Made by Veronica @veronicaferguson // Pattern by Kristy Daum


Jane and Jenny from @JanieLouQuiltShop, a local shop here in St. Louis, and huge supporters of local talent, wasted no time in making my PARALLEL quilt as a shop display.  This pattern goes together really quickly and looks great in any collection.  You can pick up the pattern here [Pattern Shop] or of course at JanieLou :)

PARALLEL Quilt - Made by @JanieLouQuiltShop // Pattern by Kristy Daum

As always, keep sending me emails and tagging me on social media @KristyDaum, so I can include your work in an upcoming My Patterns - Your Versions post.