Changes are coming...

Yes I know, it sounds like I'm making a Game of Thrones reference; but that would be downright dreadful, and although change can be scary, it is not that scary.  I would like to think of the changes that are coming as allowing me to expand my opportunities.

In my last post [A fire is raging...], I was venting about how I was frustrated with my mish-mash of branding, and I'm here to tell you that I'm finally doing something about it.

Beck from AutumnLanePaperie helped me redesign my logo; creating a more consistent look. It won't go into full effect for a while; but I wanted to share it with you.
St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum
St. Louis Folk Victorian has grown roots within my company; therefore it was important to me that I did not lose my foundation. Beck and I had several conversations and decided that simplicity was best.  We worked with a color palette, fonts, and just a hint of sewing reference; hence the straight pins.

This space here will be updated in due time to it's own dot-com, and I know just enough HTML to do some damage, so things might look a little funny for a while.

Something else I have already moved forward with is changing my screenname on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter from @LoveOldHouses to @KristyDaum.  So if you follow me on any or all of those sites, hopefully it will be easier to track me down...and if you don't follow me, go check out the social media icons under my photo to the right.


Social media and website changes are not all though, One of the things that I always hear from my customers and wholesale clients is how visually appealing my quilt patterns are, so I won't be playing around with the recipe too much; but definitely switching up my logo and key bits of info accordingly.

If you are not familiar with my patterns, just click on the image above, or visit the Buy My Patterns header at the top of my site.

I have confidence that months from now, I'll be happy that I started when I did...even though the transition will be a little painful.

If you have your own blog, website, or brand...have you ever thought about changing it up? Or have you recently done so?