Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Bejeweled)

Windham Fabrics has been an excellent partner, allowing me to use their upcoming collections to create some fun and free patterns for their customers.  This particular quilt pattern is for an upcoming collection of theirs called BlueBell.

BEJEWELED Quilt Pattern

Whenever they send new collections my way, I am unsure if they are going to be more modern or traditional in nature.  BlueBell is definitely more traditional in nature; but I challenged myself to create something unexpected.  In the end, I actually designed 2 patterns; which are polar opposites of one another.  The first - Bejeweled, is safe; but updated, playing on the different shades or levels of blue.  The second - Back On Course, which you will see in a few days is defintitely more modern and actually a favorite pattern of mine.

If you use this or any of my other quilt patterns, don't forget to tag me @LoveOldHouses on social media, as I love seeing my ideas "out in the world".

- Kristy