Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Pattern (Four Squared)

It has been a very busy year as you can tell by all of the patterns I've been sharing with you these last two weeks.  I joked with a friend the other day that I've written so many, that I might as well have written a book.

I am just thankful for all of the opportunities to express my creativity, and while it is not easy creating new concepts or twisting old favorites, I do enjoy it.  The latest pattern that I created for Windham Fabrics uses an upcoming collection of theirs called Little Tinies; which ships next Spring.

FOUR SQUARED free quilt pattern

There are still several more patterns that I've designed...six more I believe; but this is likely all of them you'll see for 2014, as the others use future collections.  

Thanks for letting me share my work with you.  

- Kristy