2014 Recap

If I had to chose one word to summarize 2014, it would have to be PROGRESS.  I feel that I took steps to network, and when needed worked to get myself and my work in front of more people...some of which was planned, some of which was thanks to happy accidents.

As I usher in a New Year filled with lots of unknowns, I want to first properly close out the previous one.  So let's take a trip down memory lane.


I made 11 quilts this year; which in all honestly I was quite surprised that I completed that many. Yes, I realize that there are only 9 quilts above; but I'm not yet allowed to show one as it will be in a magazine early next year, and the other was a quilt for Fall Quilt Market that I finished and shipped off before getting proper photos.  I was surprised at this number because I had forgotten whether some of these were made this year or last year...which is one of many reasons why I will continue to do a yearly recap.

Now, are you ready for a number that is astounding?


What is that you ask, well it's the number of quilt patterns that I wrote this year.  Yes, this year - 2014, and that doesn't even count the 4 pillow patterns that I wrote too.  So far, you've only seen 8 of those quilt patterns; which means there are another 7 waiting to be seen.

I knew it would be a large number; but not that large.

I guess that explains why I have felt busier then normal, because I actually was. When you consider I wrote 15 patterns, made 11 quilts, ran the St. Louis MQG, actually did things with friends and family...oh, and let's not forget I have a full time job too.  That is some major multi-tasking.

I'm not glorifying being busy, just trying to capture my limits so when I look back on this year, I remember what I went through. I don't know what 2015 will be like; but I am hoping that new opportunities will arise as they have this past year. Plus, I have a short list of quilts that I would like to start and/or finish next year; but things change, so I'm not committing to anything just yet.


There was some travel, although not as much as in year's past...which is something I need to remedy for 2015.  

I adopted a furry bunny named Watson; who makes me giggle with his antics.

While my bedroom renovation is still not 100% done (started in late 2013), it is about 95% which is miles ahead of where it was last year and for that I am thankful. You can see the before and after photos here...and a more recent photo here.

I was asked to participate in several events at the St. Louis Science Center this year sharing quilting with a larger audience.  Some were more successful then others; but they still felt worthwhile.

My STAR'D quilt was published in the book Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making, made the front cover of Patchwork Professional magazine, and a few weeks later was hanging in The MQG Showcase at Quilt Festival, and will hang again during QuiltCon 2015. While speaking of QuiltCon 2015, in addition to STAR'D, both my SHIFTED and Holy Sh*t Sherlock quilts will be included in the show as well.

My Sister and I attended St. Louis Comic Con for the first time back in April and met Matt Smith (Doctor #11), and had an absolute blast...so clearly we will be making it a point to attend every year.

I made a small dent in my WIP; but there is always room for improvement. 

One of the things that I am most proud of though is trying new things, which even at 35 can be a little scary.  I don't know what 2015 will bring; but I'm ready.

Happy New Year!!