SOMETHING BLUE : An actual WIP quilt finish

It's Done. It's Done.

I finished a WIP (that's Work In Progress)...finished as in, fully quilted, and binding sewn. This quilt had no real purpose other then I was determined to make it; but clearly my definition of determination meant that it could sit for years, taunting me.

Something Blue Quilt Kristy Daum

This quilt came about right at the beginning of my admiration with modern quilting. I remember coming across this quilt with it's limited palette and knew that I wanted to make a similiar one, one day.

I started strong; but then something happened and soon enough this quilt only made an appearance at my St. Louis MQG sew-ins; where I would add a block or two. I even talked about it's unfinished status back in this WIP Inventory & Skeletons post from January 2012.  Earlier this year my St. Louis MQG posted a challenge to each of it's members, encouraging them to finish their old WIP. I couldn't stand by and watch everyone else finish their older projects, so I found a few of my own; but sadly had not made much progress this entire year.

This past week, that determination (you know from 2010 when I bought the fabric) finally took hold and I finished it.  Now let me tell you, I absolutely adore this quilt; and the only down-side is it's size. This one measures approx. 46" x 57" and is not really a usable size except for a child.  Yet at the time when I purchased the fabric, this would have been one of the larger quilts that I attempted.

Clearly my skills have improved since 2010, having made and quilted quilts nearly 4x this size; and maybe that's why I have put off this quilt for so long, or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself. I chose to do a free-motion, meandering, triangular quilting design using a blue-multi thread; which I think adds to the appeal.

Now naming quilts is one thing I am not a fan of, simply because I'm not that clever most times; but I definitely think this one fits: SOMETHING BLUE


Finished Size: 46" x 57"
Quilt Top Fabrics:   Misc. fabrics from Jo-Ann's (circa 2010)
Quilt Backing Fabric:   Architextures print from Carolyn Friedlander
Quilting Design:   Meandering Free-Motion on my home machine

Now that I've finished this WIP, maybe I should tackle some of the others.  I'm not entirely sure how many WIP I have though, which is something I'll tackle another day and in another post.