Saturday, November 8, 2014

Holy Sh*t, Sherlock! (Part 2)

Earlier this year, I wrote Part 1 of this quilt's journey and I'm happy to report there actually is a Part 2, because I finally...yes, finally finished my Holy Sh*t, Sherlock quilt.  WooHoo!!!

When I first introduced the quilt top back in January it was an awkward size (60" x 100"); and while I knew more blocks were needed; I had run out of time, fabric and honestly...steam.

Yet, when the St. Louis Science Center invited me and my Holy Sh*t, Sherlock quilt to their First Friday: The Science of Sherlock Holmes event on November 7th, it gave me the perfect excuse to finish the quilt...and sometimes that is exactly what I need, a hard deadline.

Holy Sh*t Sherlock Quilt

This past weekend with the pressure on, I finished the remaining blocks needed to make the quilt, bringing my final total to 2389 pieces. Yet, what I was dreading the most was the actual quilting. Early on, I assumed that I would quilt simple vertical lines using a neutral thread, as I had done on The Tenth; but the more that I looked at the Sherlock quilt, I wasn't feeling it. So, I made a test block and tried a meandering stitch using matching thread; which of course looked amazing on the small test block; but what would it look like on the quilt itself?

Seven hours later, I had my answer - AMAZING!!!!

While the actual design of the quilt certainly helped (large blocks of color, shadowing, etc), I was so glad that I challenged myself and actually succeeded, that's a Win-Win in my book.

With only a few days to spare, my Mom hand-sewed the binding and I added the hanging sleeve just in time for Holy Sh*t, Sherlock to make it's debut at the Science Center on Friday.  I could not have asked for a more perfect location to display my quilt, as they placed me next to a crime scene they setup as advertisement for the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.

Now I know some of you might be wondering...Okay, she's made two pixel quilts, is there another in her future.  Well at this point, I don't see that happening.  I have a short-list of other characters I would love to immortilize in tiny pieces of fabric; but I also feel like I need to stop while I'm ahead.



  1. congrats on finishing it!

  2. Well, you are definitely ahead. That's for sure. I can see the excitement in making a quilt like this. I can also understand the tedium that must ensue after looking at literally thousands of tiny squares of similarly colored fabric during the process. You must certainly be proud of this and I hope you enter it into the Modern Quilt Guild show next February. It's a stunner. Plus it's Cumberbatch, for crying out loud!

  3. congratulations! It is really amazing :-D

  4. Congratulations!! This is a fabulous quilt!!

  5. I just saw this quilt on an instagram photo from Quiltcon - it's amazing!!!


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