Patchwork Professional Magazine...Or Why You Should Read Emails Carefully

Do you ever have those moments when you think you understand what someone is asking of you; but really you haven't a clue?

That is what happened to me earlier this year, when Patchwork Professional, a well respected German quilting magazine, contacted me.  Aside from what you might think, there were no language barriers, I just couldn't wrap my head around what they were asking of me.


Well, because it turns out they didn't want a quote from me about modern quilting; which is what I had thought. They wanted to do a whole story on me, my work and oh, yeah...include a quilt pattern that I designed for them.  It became more surreal when I did a little research and learned that they only publish 4 issues a year, and the issues this year have featured Luke Haynes and Jacquie Gering.

Yeah, now do you see why I didn't get it at first. 

Collaborating with Patchwork Professional was a wonderful experience, and honestly if it wasn't for seeing the screen-capture below, it would be hard to believe that it happened. Yet, right there on the cover is my STAR'D quilt and MY name.  Holy Sh*t!

Patchwork Professional magazine // Kristy Daum - STAR'D quilt

While you likely will never see this magazine in the United States (and of course it is entirely in German), You can get a preview at the Patchwork Professional website here; just be sure that you translate the page first unless you are fluent in Deutsch.  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy to see how it turned out, what additional quilts they included, etc.  

I'll be writing a separate post about the quilt that I designed for them; which is named PARALLEL. You will be able to buy the pattern...and yes, it will be in English :)

So now you know one of the many quilting secrets I've been keeping this year. It was a Biggie!!!