Doctor Who - St. Louis Science Center First Friday

If you were anywhere near the St. Louis Science Center on Friday evening, you may have come across hundreds of people filled with anticipation, waiting for First Friday : Doctor Who to begin.

My Sister and I were amongst the crowd, invited to be part of the festivities, as I was once again showing  The Tenth, my David Tennant pixel quilt, and my Sister was the Quilt she so cleverly called herself.

The Tenth Doctor Pixel Quilt Kristy Daum

I was smarter this time around and created a flyer, hashtags and social media touchpoints for those who wanted to learn more about the process to create this one of a kind quilt.

The Tenth Quilt

I was thrilled to be amongst other fans who adore the show as much as I do and even had the opportunity to taste a bit of the UK, when the Speaker that evening, Dr. Edward Gomez offered me a Jammie Dodger (a well-known British "Biscuit" Cookie) because he liked my quilt so much.

If you missed the opportunity to attend this year's event, mark your calendars because it will be happening again in 2015, and supposedly it will be two days.

The RiverFront Times was in attendance and shot lots of quilt being one of them. They even created a Doctor Who : First Friday slideshow.

You haven't seen the last of this quilt, as it will be making a special trip next year; but more about that later.

If this event sounds like fun; but Doctor Who isn't your thing...what about Sherlock Holmes?

International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

The St. Louis Science Center is hosting an international exhibit this Fall showcasing the deduction-wielding hero and they are hosting a corresponding First Friday : Sherlock on November 7th.  I will be there with my pixel quilt, Holy Sh*t Sherlock; which will be making it's debut soon as I finish it that is.

If you are in the area, I hope to see you there.