Windham Fabrics - Free Quilt Patterns (Ava)

Back in February, I mentioned that I was collaborating with Windham Fabrics, creating two quilt patterns for an upcoming collection of theirs called Ava.

I couldn't remember exactly when the Ava collection shipped (turns out it was April); but while I was looking around I noticed my patterns were uploaded.  YAY!  

The first of which I have named AVA'S GARDEN.

AVA'S GARDEN Quilt Pattern
Ava's Garden // Designed by Kristy Daum // For Windham Fabrics

The second quilt, I have named AVA'S SECRET.

AVA'S SECRET Quilt Pattern
Ava's Secret // Designed by Kristy Daum // For Windham Fabrics

Both of these quilt patterns are free downloads that you can find on Windham Fabrics' Free Projects page.

While these designs are not my typical genre, I enjoyed playing outside my comfort zone and am pleased with the results.  

This was the first time that I used EQ7, and the first time that I have collaborated with a manufacturer on a larger scale. I enjoyed the process so much that I am finishing up another project with them this week.