You Have To Start Somewhere - My Early Quilts #4

As I mentioned in last week's post, 1999 was a busy quilting year for me.  This quilt has a story all of it's own, so let us get straight to it.

Country Hearts, 1999

I decided to try a little applique with this quilt, another first for me. This idea came from a doll quilt that I saw in one of my Mom's many quilting books.  What makes this quilt interesting, aside for the button embellishments; which is of course how the three layers (top, batting, backing) are secured, is that this quilt holds a secret.  A George Washington secret that is. 

There was a children's book I remember reading whose story-line was solved when the main character came across a family quilt that ended up being stuffed full of money.  I guess at the time, I thought it was a pretty interesting concept, so to be clever, I folded up a $1 and placed in underneath one of the appliqued hearts, forever making it part of the quilt.  This is also the reason why my quilt label says "Do Not Machine Wash"...well that and the buttons I guess you could say. 

Look my binding is getting better.  I was still using the wrap-around technique; but at least I mitered the corners.

**This post belongs to a small series I've created to share some of the first quilts that I made, not only for documentation purposes; but to show that we all have to start somewhere**

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