Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Have To Start Somewhere - My Early Quilts #2

Last Friday I shared with you the first quilt that I made, circa 1994.  This week I'm sharing my first WIP (Work in Progress) or UFO (Un-Finished Object), no matter what you call it; it will perpetually remain as such, since I have no plans of ever finishing this.  Yet, I also have no plans of getting rid of this either since it is part of my personal quilting journey.

made sometime between 1994-1999

Once I got my feet wet with a relatively simple patchwork quilt (Early Quilt #1), it looks like I moved onto more complex blocks...point being, a Log Cabin.  

Since this is a quilt top, I am able to investigate the inner workings or underside of the piece and as expected I pressed my seams "to the dark side" which is one of the first rules you learn or pick-up as a quilter.  While I rarely do this anymore, as I prefer to press my seams open nowadays, it is important in my opinion to learn what came before and pick/choose what will work for you.  

Do you have an old WIP that you just will not finish; but also will not get rid of?

Happy Thursday!!

**This post belongs to a small series I've created to share some of the first quilts that I made, not only for documentation purposes; but to show that we all have to start somewhere**

Early Quilt #2  (you are here)


  1. I have an unbelievably hideous, partially quilted, mixed pastel crazy quilt that I will never EVER finish, but can't chuck out. It was the first large(ish) quilt I made. I wish I could adequately express how horrendously ugly it is. If I remember where it is I'll take a photo!

  2. My earliest quilt is hand quilted. Not knowing what I was doing, all the knots are on the back side. I didn't learn until later that there aren't supposed to be any knots, they should all be buried between the layers. This quilt still hangs in my family room.

  3. I have hoards of 'summer weight' quilts. You know those, quilt tops done but maybe will never get quilted. I am okay with that. Like you, it is nice to see the journey I have taken and how far I have come. I still like many of them but some OMG - what was I thinking.


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