Tech Expo & More

It's not everyday that I get to wear a fancy name badge with "Guest Instructor" written on it; but last week was special.  I was asked to attend the Baby Lock Tech Expo as an Instructor, introducing all things Modern Quilting to the attendees.   

Not only did I meet some of the great people from Baby Lock; but I also had the opportunity to talk with store owners.  I gave two lectures, one on Sunday and one on Wednesday...where I introduced modern quilting, spoke about the aesthetic and how to capture this quilter's attention.  I followed each lecture with a trunk show of quilts, fabrics, books and patterns.

I guess I made some sort of impression because I was later interviewed and videotaped for an industry magazine.  Oh No!!! :-) 
Fast forward to Saturday, and I spent the day (literally the whole day...12 hours) with about 20 St. Louis MQG members for our quarterly Sew-In Saturday.  While twelve hours might sound like a lot, it really isn't.  Once you get yourself settled, decide what project you are going to work on, and then actually start sewing, it is already Noon, then 3pm, then 6, then time to go home.  Okay...okay...maybe part of the problem is that there is also a lot of socializing that goes on too; but it is all in great fun. 
I started work on a quilt for my Sister; whose color choices are so very her; but so very NOT me.  Yet, I do like playing with this cross-weave fabric; whose name and manufacturer is escaping me at the moment.   

I also did a little work on another project; but it is much too soon to talk about it.
Something I can talk about a little is my Ohio Star Challenge for the St. Louis MQG.  The big reveal of our challenge quilts will happen in a few weeks and I'm very excited to see what everyone has been working on so diligently these last few months. 
I am so enamored with the quilt that I made, that I'm thinking about turning it into another self-published quilt pattern; which would be available in my Etsy/Crafty shop.  
If you are interested in providing some pattern feedback, please send me an email.
Happy Sunday!!