Secret Sister Swap

If you have air in your lungs and blood running through your veins, you know how awesome it can feel to know that on any given day there is someone thinking of you…in a nice, pleasant, un-creepy way that is. 

The members of the Lou Bee have started a Secret Sister SwapThe rules are simple, each month we have a different Sister's name and we make something for them.  The key is to try and keep it a secret until that month’s luncheon. 
Now, it wouldn’t be fair to indulge without spreading a little cheer around; so we are also each making two Great Granny blocks.  The blocks will eventually be turned into a quilt and donated to charity...or raffled off amongst our Lou Bee group and the $$ donated to charity.  Either way, it's a win-win.
We just started our 3rd month and it has been a blast seeing what everyone has received.  There has been chocolate, hand-painted super heroes, vintage jewelry, pillows, wall quilts, zippered pouches, fabric and lots of other goodies…all of which have perfectly suited the recipient.
I received two amazing wall quilts and they could not be more different...I'm serious, just wait until you see them.  Strangely enough, both fit my personality and d├ęcor.
In August, Jamie made me this paper-pieced wall quilt; which is hanging in my studio.   

While the piecing is complex, it’s the free-motion quilting that really takes the cake. 

 In September, I received this pixelated wall quilt from Juli Ann

 Those little pieces measure about ½”x ½” and there are over 1000 of them.  Holy Cow!!! 

It makes me all goose-bumpy to think how different life is now that these Lou Bee girls are around.

Happy Monday!!