A whole "Lotta" Tipsy Triangles, Tutorial

Q:   What do you do when someone gives you 2 Charm Packs of Lotta Jansdotter's
new collection, GLIMMA?
A:    Make a cute little quilt, write a block tutorial and share the wealth...of course.
Some time ago, Windham Fabrics sent me some of Lotta Jansdotter's GLIMMA.  Unfortunately, the fabric sat there on my studio table, taunting me, waiting for inspiration to hit.  Well, hit me it finally did and before I knew it, this cute little quilt was born.  I'm calling it Tipsy Triangles
I had fun making these Tipsy Triangle blocks and figured that maybe some of you would too.  I wrote up some directions and made a few diagrams; which you can find below.
Now, I wanted to make sure that I shared the wealth, so I held back one of the Charm Packs to use as a giveaway; but more on that after the tutorial.  ----Giveaway Now Over----
May I introduce you to the Tipsy Triangle Block Tutorial.
Step 1::  Start with a 5" x 5" square; which I'm calling a "focus fabric".  I choose a print; but you can certainly use a solid.  Sew a 3" x 5" rectangle of your background fabric to both sides of your center square.  I prefer to press my seams open; but do what works for you.

Step 2::   Now, sew a 3" x 10" rectangle of your background fabric to both the top and bottom of the unit you made in Step 1.  You should now have a very simple block which measures 10" x 10". 

Step 3::  You are now going to crop your 10" x 10" block into a smaller 8" x 8" square; but before you cut, please continue reading.  In order to start making your block Tipsy, you need to change up the placement of the center "focus fabric".  The red box shows just two of the many ways you can crop your block.  There are two important things to keep in mind.  First, your "focus fabric" should be located in different quandrants. Second, your "focus fabric" should never be tilted. 

Step 4::  This shows you what the blocks look like after they were cropped to 8" x 8".
Step 5::  Now don't put away your rotary cutter and ruler just yet.  You will now cut (see red dotted line) each of your 8" x 8" blocks into 2 triangles.  Be sure that you cut diagonally, from one corner to the other.
Step 6::  You should now have Triangles that look something like this.  Don't worry that your "focus fabric" is more prominent on some triangles and smaller in others.  This is the key to the Tipsy Triangle block.
Step 7::  The final step is to pair up all of those triangles you cut in Step 6.  As you can see in the diagram below, those "focus fabric" points don't match...it's okay, take a deep breath, they aren't supposed to.

Step 8::  Hopefully you have a handful of Tipsy Triangle blocks done and are now ready to sew them together into something Awesome.  I made a baby-sized quilt with a big border; but you can make a quilt filled with nothing but Tipsy Triangles.  It's all up to you. 
As always, if you make something using this or anyone of my tutorials, please be sure
to share a photo with me...I love seeing them.

It's Giveaway Time. 
Giveaway is Closed
As I mentioned above, I have 1 charm pack of Lotta Lansdotter's GLIMMA collection
(Thanks Windham Fabrics!!) to give away.  The rules are super simple. 
--- Leave 1 comment below telling me what project you are working on.  That's it!!
--- Giveaway will close Tuesday, March 26th at 8pm CST
Giveaway is Closed
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Good Luck!!!

=============Updated 3/26/13 8:27pm===============

The GLIMMA Charm Pack winner is #22

Who is #22 you ask, well none other then Erica.  YAY!!!

Thanks Again to everyone who played along.  I hope you like the tutorial that I wrote and if you make anything using it, be sure to drop me a line.