2013...the year of FINISHING

So, we are 9 days into 2013 and while I don't make resolutions persay, I am going to try to keep one thing in mind as it relates to my quilting endeavors.  It's all about FINISHING.

Finishing is a great place to start (oxymoron, I know).  Here are the outstanding WIP that I currently have on my plate.  Coincidentally in looking back at a January post from 2012, I showed several of the below quilts...so clearly these need some attention.

It is my hope that by the end of 2013, all of the above will be finished.  It doesn't seem like alot; but keep in mind that all of them have been sitting around ignored for months, if not a full year.

I think Planning goes hand in hand with Finishing.  Planning ensures that I am using my time wisely so that I can actually Finish without feeling rushed or overwhelmed; which was a big problem for me in 2012.

Additionally, it is very easy to get swept up in the excitment of what is NEW...new fabric, new swap, new pattern, new book, new this, new that.  Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that it's not the end of the world if I don't jump onboard.  I promise you that I will jump onboard a few bandwagons myself this year (I'm not going to live under a rock); but at the same time I hope there are a few times that I'm waving to the rest of you when I do decide to stay put.  Just don't forget to return the favor when I'm the one on the wagon :-)

So that's my story for 2013, let's see how well I do sticking to it.