Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Postman Delivers

Look what the Postman delivered today...

I received this wonderful pouch from Melanie, as part of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap -R.5
It is filled with lovely little things just for ME. 

  • The scrappy factor...I just adore that
  • The letter K
  • The text fabric
  • The houses....apropos for someone who "Loves Old Houses"
  • And if you look close on the top photo, you'll see some bunnies peeking out...Eeeee!
She included some wonderful extras too; which I didn't take a photo of because let's be honest they already made their way into my studio.


If that wasn't enough to make a girl smile, I received a box from United Notions today; and inside was this...

It's Malka Dubrawsky's newest collection from Moda, called Simple Marks.  You can't even buy this in stores yet, they cut it directly from the same bolts they cut their sales swatches.  Isn't that exciting!

So, what am I doing with this.  Well, you might remember me saying in my last post that I was collaborating with Modern Quilts Unlimited on a quilt for their 2nd magazine issue.  This is the fabric that I'm using, and let me tell you the photo doesn't do the vibrant colors justice. 

This could not have arrived at a better time, since I have a Sew-In this Saturday with the STLMQG.


And of course I actually finished something too this week.  I made these two blocks as part of the do.Good.Stitches Bee on Flickr; which is a charitable quilting bee that makes a quilt a month and donates it to a child in need.

This month, we were asked to make two blocks using this tutorial.  The blocks went together super fast and I can't wait to see them all together.

Okay, that's this week's update.  Wish me luck on that To-Do List!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I've been doing

There's lots happening behind the scenes here at St. Louis Folk Victorian, and while it's all very exciting, it makes for poor blogging since I can't share alot of it with you right now; but I'll share what I can.
I participated in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap R.5 and made this pouch for my secret partner.  I used Anna (Noodlehead's) Open Wide Zippered-Pouch Tutorial

Up next, is this "Domestic Bliss" Jelly Roll by Designer, Liz Scott.  I'm working on my 2nd quilt pattern and decided a while back that this was definately going to be what I made the quilt out of. 

The quilt top is done, just need to sandwich, quilt and bind it up.  Along with that, all of my Pattern Testers have given me their feedback (Thanks Again Ladies!!) and I need to sort through it all and get the pattern ready for printing.

There will be a Blog Hop that goes along with it too in Mid-Late October.


Now onto the stuff that I can't show you right now:

Of course all of that is on top of the other projects I'm trying to do :-) 
It's a good thing that I like to be busy !

Now, I best get going, gotta squeeze a little "Doctor Who" time in there too. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quilt Story: Modern Confetti

You can find my Confetti Quilt and it's story over on QuiltStory today.
To anyone who hopped on over from QuiltStory and is visiting me for the 1st Time...Hi !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lou Bee - Sampler Swap Tutorial

The lovely ladies of the Lou Bee (who helped me create this wonderful quilt) have decided that for our next round, we will each create a sewing-themed Sampler quilt.  Each of our quilts will include the same blocks; but done using our own fabric and our own color themes.  I think it's pretty awesome to know that there will be 8 of us with similiarly-different quilts.

My month was first and as usual, I couldn't just pick a block, I had to create my own.  While this tutorial has been created for the Lou Bee girls, there's no reason you can't make a Spool block of your very own.  I've provided all the information you need below.

This is a digitally-enhanced mock up, as I've currently
only completely 1 "strip" of this 3 "strip" block.

And here is the same block in illustration form, as you can
see I took some liberties with piecing the smaller "log" units to
make them uneven...feel free to do the same.


This block measures 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" unfinished

Cutting and Layout directions HERE

 Paper Pieced Spool found HERE
 *When you print this out, I've included a reference 1" x 1" square
so you know the printout is the proper size*