Modernized D9P

While my "Modernized D9P" is one of my most popular tutorials, and always provided a glimpse behind the curtain. For years I have received requests to write a full pattern and I am happy to say that the day has arrived.

This pattern includes everything you need to make your very own MODERN D9P quilt, including alternate layout ideas. To purchase your own copy, please visit my PayHip Store or click the Buy Now button below. 


If you are unfamiliar with the Disappearing Nine Patch, one quick Google search can provide hundreds of examples.  I of course couldn't leave well-enough alone and wanted to tweak the block, taking this simple concept one step further by utilizing negative space.  It's a simple change that creates wonderful results.

The block is fairly simple in that you are sewing 9 squares of fabric together and then quartering them.  What makes this "Modernized D9P" different is two things.
  1. Instead of using 9 printed fabrics in a single block, you use only 4; the balance is your background fabric.
  2. You use multiple Block Layouts in a single quilt. 

Below is an illustration showing you a handful of Block Layout options using the 4 + 5 concept.  There are certainly more then I have shown here and I encourage you to create your own too.  The greater variety of Block Layouts you use in a single quilt, the more unique it will look.

Once you have sewn together, then quartered all of your blocks, you can begin laying out the assorted pieces into a pleasing arrangement.  This is the fun part.

If you have used my Modernized D9P or any of my patterns or tutorials, please share your photos and blog posts with me.  You can use #modernizedD9P and tag @KristyDaum on Instagram. 

I love seeing what you do and will add them to my “Inspired by my Patterns” board on Pinterest.

The prints in this quilt are from Lotta Jansdotter's Bella collection from Windham Fabrics.