Modern Quilts Unlimited

Have you heard of Modern Quilts Unlimited?

They are a new quilting magazine coming this Fall.  I had the opportunity to meet them at Quilt Market in Kansas City a few weeks ago and was very interested to learn about all of the exciting things they are cooking up.

Their site just went live a few weeks ago, and Angela Walters is their resident Blogger.  I got to meet her too at the Modern Meet-Up....Eeeeee!!!

Angela was asking about "Inspiration" a week or so ago on Twitter and I shared with her the inspiration for my "Chocolate Covered Strawberries Quilt" as seen below.

You might remember me mentioning that I saw a commericial on TV late last year that was the inspiration for the above quilt.  I never had my camera near me it seemed; but FINALLY a month or so ago, I was able to take a quick shot albeit it way after inspiration first hit.  It was an updated commercial; but the inspiration was still the same.

Well, back to Twitter for a second...Angela wrote me back to let me know that I'd be included in her blog post titled "When Inspiration Strikes" that she was writing for Modern Quilts Unlimited.  This afternoon, I saw the tweet and immediately hopped online to check out the blog post.  YAY!!!!  Thanks Angela!!!

So, go check it out and while you are there take a few minutes to read some of the other posts she has written too.