Monday, August 15, 2011

STLMQG Habitat Challenge - Part 2

So last week, I introduced you to the STLMQG edition of the Habitat Challenge and showed you the fabrics that I received and the usually not me solids that I choose to go with it.

Well, I've been busy.

If you've looked closely at the Habitat collection by Jay McCarroll, you'll notice that the prints are bold and very unique.  I wanted to highlight them in larger pieces and when I came across this quilt as seen below (actually it's the quilt back; but no matter), I knew this was the inspiration I was looking for.

Castle Peeps Quilt
Design by Crystal of SonnetoftheMoon

I started by framing each of the 6 prints in solid black. 

Then started combining a few of them into groups.

Eventually, I found a layout that I liked and within one afternoon had nearly 60% of the top pieced.

I probably could have finished the whole top; but I underestimated how large I wanted the quilt to be and ran out of one of the solids.  This is pure improv at it's best and worst; because I didn't have a plan drawn out, I just bought some yardage and "thought" that it would be enough. 

Yet, once I began laying out the framed squares on the floor, I knew that this was going to be a LARGE just had to be, I couldn't squish all those blocks together.  Keep in mind, the largest thing that I have ever really quilted was my PUZZLED quilt and that was just a few months back and only measured about 52" x 57".   This HABITAT quilt is going to be alot larger.

I should probably check and see if I have enough basting pins for this project. 

Until next time...

Monday, August 8, 2011

STLMQG Habitat Challenge - Part 1

First, a big Thanks to everyone who commented either here on my blog or on my Moda Bake Shop tutorial that was posted over the weekend.  If for some reason you missed it, here's the link and more information.

Now onto something new...

The STLMQG (St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild) of which I'm President is participating in the HABITAT Challenge, as sponsored by FreeSpirit Fabrics in cooperation with the MQG (Modern Quilt Guild).

You might have seen some press about this around blog-land, here and here.

In July, all participants in our guild received 6 Fat Eighths of a variety of Jay McCarroll's HABITAT collection.  It was a mystery as the fabrics were all placed in bags, as seen below.

Photo courtesy of Splendorfalls

As each of the bags were handed out, and then opened, you heard some excitement and phrases such as  "Yes, I got this one."...clearly some people had done their homework ahead of time and were hoping for a particular print.

Here's what was in my bag, a well-rounded mix.

The HABITAT Challenge rules for the STLMQG state that you must make a quilt larger then 36x36 inches using only HABITAT fabrics and any additional Solids. 
I spent a few weeks searching for inspiration and finally found it; which led me to purchase the following additional Solid fabrics.  They are Kona; but honestly I didn't remember to write down the name.

I don't consider myself a "pink-kind of girl"; but for some reason I am continually drawn to this color.  One look at my fabric stash will tell you that, as it's the 2nd largest represented strange.

This quilt will be a big step outside of my comfort zone because most of the quilts that I make are filled with scrappy or pieced blocks, and rarely include large expanses of solid color.  This quilt will be the latter and I'm excited to get working on it...even if I am a little scared too.

Wish me luck, I'll have another update soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moda Bake Shop & Me

I cannot be more excited to share with you my PUZZLED quilt.  It's featured on Moda Bake Shop today.

Inspiration struck back in April and while I played around with making a few blocks and wrote down some notes, things didn't really come together until the "Mystery Quilt" mayhem.  The quilt I made using Laura Gunn's Painter's Canvas line was well-received and my friends/family encouraged me to submit my design to Moda.  What do you know, the day after I submitted it, I was asked to be a "Chef".  WooHoo!

Moda Bake Shop

Moda/United Notions sent me Cosmo Cricket's brand new "Circa 1934" fabric collection, they must have known that I love text and number fabric :-)

Here's some of the yummy number fabric

Here's a cuddly closeup of PUZZLED right out of the dryer

I hope that you'll head on over to Moda Bake Shop some time this weekend and show some support for my very first quilt design.  I'd love to get your feedback too, so be sure to leave me some comments.

Thank You to everyone who encouraged me.