Solids Only Challenge

If you are visiting me from Modern Day Quilts, WELCOME!!!  I hope you'll look around a little bit.

Many of the Modern Quilt Guild's around the country have been participating in the Kona Solids Challenge sponsored by Robert Kaufman.  Our St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild is no different.  We started in January and the quilts were due in June.  It seemed like a good amount of time; but in looking back, it also meant that I could "waste" several months and then rush to get it done at the last minute.  Okay, okay, so it's not like I didn't have other things going on; but 6 months to finish a baby-size quilt and I'm quilting and binding it the week it's due {shakes head in disbelief}. 

Here's some earlier post, January 9th and April 21st and June 2nd.

There are a few members who dislike the quilt that they made and one that is actually giving it away.  Yet, I really like mine for a couple of reasons.

1.   I actually made a quilt without using a block, I had an idea and just found a way to do it.  It gave me some freedom that I honestly thought I didn't have in me.

2. I actually tried a few new-to-me things.  The first of which was the semi-wavy, not straight stitching.  It was liberating and I think is easing me into eventually doing free-motion quilting (which I swear up and down I cannot do).  The second new-to-me thing was machine sewing the binding on, not a single hand-stitch in the whole quilt.  I tried this on a failed test a few months back and couldn't get the hang of it, this time I used Red Pepper Quilts technique of "stitching in the ditch" and it looked pretty good.  I'm not 100% sold on this new method vs. the numbing; but loving hand-sewn binding; but it's certainly growing on me.


Scraps left over

Saturday's reveal was a little chaotic (my fault); but let me just say that the level of creativity my guild has is fantastic.  Woo-Hoo!!!

And just because another post wouldn't be complete without a cute bunny face, here is Tucker.

Yes, that is a bunny, and he's "sleeeeppppiiinnnngggg"