Mystery Quilt Finished...Whew!

Hi All,

So if you've been following along recently, you'll know that I've been working on a project in cooperation with Fabric Designer, Laura Gunn.  She contacted our quilt guild (STLMQG) and wanted to know if there were any members willing to take on a crazy challenge...

Make a LapSize Quilt in 2 1/2 weeks using her newest line, Painter's Canvas

Five members took on this challenge: Me, Mary Claire, Jamie, Lynne and Juli Ann.

After we coordinated schedules, met with Laura Gunn to discuss our quilts and select the fabric...we were left with 11 days. Yes, that's right folks...11 days to make a LapSize Quilt.

The quilts will be carried to the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and displayed in Michael Miller's booth alongside Laura Gunn's fabric collection. If you are going to market and come across my quilt, take a photo for me...pretty please with a cherry on top.

Okay, enough begging.  I titled this quilt, Puzzled and when you see it, I hope you'll know why. This is my first quilt/block-design and I'm super excited to have the chance to share it with all of you here. I've submitted the idea to Moda Bakeshop, and if I am so lucky as to be selected...then I'll certainly have to put pen to paper right away as my chicken-scratch notes aren't enough.  Keep your fingers crossed !!! 

UPDATE:  I'm gonna be on Moda BakeShop - YAY!!!  I don't know when just yet; but I'm working behind the scenes right now to figure that out.  You'll all be the first to know when it goes up.

May I now present, Puzzled

When I saw the brick facade, I knew this was the spot to get some photos.

And now the back, as you can see I added a surprise

Finally, a cozy and inviting shot highlighting the wonderful fabric, Painter's Canvas

Love it, Hate it, let me know...I'd love to hear your thoughts, and you'll
be seeing more photos tomorrow too as I am participating in Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival; but I just couldn't wait another day without sharing this with all of you.  Can you tell I'm excited!!

******Blogger Boo-Booed, and this post was missing for a while; but now it's back up. Unfortunately all of the wonderful comments have keep chatting it up, I'd love to hear what you think*******