Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomato Plants

If you remember back on April 6th, I mentioned that I transplanted nearly 50 tomato plants that I had started from seed. Well, it is now April 23rd...17 days later and look at these little beauties now.

They measure an average of 8" tall and look so healthy. I'll be putting them outside for a few hours at a time over the next few weeks and then it's planting time.
Gosh, I can't wait to see what lovely fruit I get this year.

Monday, April 19, 2010

May the Mower RIP

I had a push-mower for nearly 4 years when it shot craps on me in early Spring of '09. It was a great mower and I hated to see it go; but we put it through hell (cutting a 1/3rd acre) every summer for 3 years.

I bought another mower and the 2nd week of using it, I wasn't paying attention and ran over a piece of pipe that previously held an enormous light post. In my defense, the pipe was hiding under foot tall grass. The blade stopped immediately and I freaked out. I gave it 10 minutes and upon restarting it, the mower was never the same.

It vibrated so violently that one could only cut grass for 5-10 minutes before having to take a break as your hands would hurt so bad. Partner that with my uneven ground and you can imagine the toll it took on the mower. We had to reweld the left front wheel several times over the course of the summer; but it hung in there the rest of '09...sputtering along. On Saturday, I drug it out of the garage for the first time this year, gave it a tune-up and said a little prayer.

Well, 95% of the way through it had had enough. The right front wheel popped off. We drug it into the garage and knew that it's time had come.

Sunday we went to Lowe's and I bought this beauty.

It's a Troy-Bilt, certainly a little more "high-class" but for the price $199, I couldn't pass it up.
It literally took 10 minutes to pull it out of the box, unfold the handle and tighten everything up.

Mower Oath (holding up my right hand): I promise Troy-Bilt Mower, I will try and take better care of you, as I wish us to be best of friends. I will refrain from running over metal pipes, stumps and anything else that may cause you harm.

I "heart" St. Louis Fashion

This would be why nothing much has been happening around my house and why my grass is a foot tall.

Fashion & Flash hits the runway May 1 Newsroom Washington University in St. Louis