St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild (STLMQG)

What have I been up to you ask?

Well, it all started a few months ago on Flickr when I joined a few Quilty groups and came across The Modern Quilt Guild. The MQG started when a group of younger quilters came together with a common love for modern quilting. Since their appearance online back in 2009, the MQG has spread across the nation and even jumped the waters, including branches in Australia, Germany and the UK.

The Modern Quilt Guild

I followed along quietly, reading the blogs, looking at the photos of amazing quilts and wondered...Does St. Louis have a MQG? I posed the question on one of the discussion boards and within hours I had my answer. It was a definite No; but quickly followed by many people saying they'd love to join one.

What is a girl to do, you ask? Well, I contacted the lovely people who manage the original MQG and told them that I'd like to start the St. Louis branch.

How do you like that...

I go from just learning about the MQG a few months prior to now founding a branch in St. Louis.

So, there it is folks. I'd like to introduce you to the STLMQG (St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild).


Modern Quilting is about breaking tradition, embracing change and giving all of those with a passion for this modern take on a traditional craft an opportunity to share, learn and grow.

If you have felt stiffled in more traditional quilt clubs, or are a quilting-newbie who likes playing with color and pattern, I encourage you to give us a try.

You can find us on Flickr and at our own STLMQG blog.


Our 1st meeting will be held on Saturday, September 11th 9:30-Noon

St. Louis County Library - Weber Road Branch

444 Weber Road

St. Louis, MO 63123