Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Finds (Quilts and More)

It has been tradition that I would venture out into the chaos that was Black Friday, not because I was looking for that hot laptop or television; but because it starts the holiday season and I like the holiday season. What with all the Holiday music, pine scented everything and the generally happy mood.

When I did venture out around 10:30, my Dad and I headed to one of our favorite Antique Malls located in Farmington, Missouri. It's about an hour and a half away. Not only is it huge; but the prices are usually pretty reasonably and one can find just about anything.

I came home with this wonderful antique lock in almost perfect condition, all under $10.

Then I nearly fell over when I found this hand-sewn "Bow-Tie" quilt for 1/2 off. Due to the merriment of the holidays, many vendors were having 15-25% off everything in their booth. Ever so often you came across a 50% or 60%, as I did with this quilt. The reduced price was $25.

Sunday, we visited another of our favorite Antique Malls in Eureka, Missouri. This one wasn't having as good of sales; but one just needed to have patience and something would pop up.

Lucky for me, I came across another quilt, and the vendor was offering 25% off. This beauty cost me $20.

For those of you keeping count, that brings the total number of quilts I've purchased at Antique Malls to three. The earlier one is here.
Of course, finding all these great quilts put me in the mood for some sewing of my own. I put together this pincushion in about 3 hours and now don't have to worry about loosing my pins again.
The pattern was in BH&G Spring 2008 "Quilts and More".