Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Off

I'm still here, just haven't been writing since my job has been keeping me extremely busy lately.

Although yesterday and today was a nice release, two vacation days to try and keep the mind off of deadlines, email, etc.

Today my sister was off too, so we headed out without much of a plan. We ended up at the St. Louis Zoo, and what a day for it too...low 60s, with a mild breeze. I haven't visited our zoo for a few years now, and each time I go it brings back memories and sometimes new ones are made.

Okay, first let's talk about the fact that here in St. Louis, our Zoo is AWESOME. It was created in 1910 by the city; which set aside 77 acres in Forest Park. State legislation stated "the zoo shall be forever free", and it continues to be free 100 years later. Parking is free too, if you do like other St. Louisians and park along the winding streets of Forest Park.

My sister and I spent about two hours strolling around, catching glimpses of animals along the way.

I hope wherever you are, the day was as beautiful as this.