Sunday, May 17, 2009

Window Trimming

I can't believe it was the end of March when I was telling you how the new window sill was added to my studio's eastern window. Well, it is now May 17th and I'm proud to report that the window is finished...trimming and all. Doesn't it look lovely.

Oh, and if you are wondering there is something secret going on with the walls; but that's for a later post. It might have something to do with the below picture too...hahaha.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Patio is No More...That's a Good Thing

There once was a patio, whose appearance was ugly.
It's location made no sense and it's brick floor was covered in weeds.

One fateful weekend, it was given a new lease on life.
The rotting timbers were gone and a proper wall was started.

Soon you could see the vision come to life.
Two walls were constructed and the brick removed...
at least from where it was before.
The ground was raked level and smooth.

Landscape fabric was laid down, sand and bricks laid on top
so it wouldn't blow away.
Offsite, 3 raised garden beds were built and are waiting for
a nice and sunny day to come home.