Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Demo

While most Easter Bunnies bring chocolate ducks, marshmallow chicks and painted eggs. My Easter Bunny brought this...

a wonderful 20 yard dumpster. This was at the top of this year's To Do List and while it did show up amidst rainy weather, being able to use the holiday weekend to get stuff done was well worth the muddy clothes.

My backyard is a mess of projects; yet none of which could really be started if I didn't figure out this area first.

It is the brick patio which I've mentioned a few other times on this blog. This is the "entrance" to my backyard and certainly wasn't much of a doorway. The brick was laid directly on the ground, no sand, no pattern and no real purpose except to fill the space.

Instead, this area would be better served as my vegetable garden due to it's location. So we ordered up the dumpster to remove the debris from this and other areas around the yard.

Suprisingly, the removal of the timber walls wasn't as hard as it started out to be and it left us with time to work on part II. This is not to say that it wasn't labor intensive work, we just didn't come across any major obstacles to hold us up (unless you count the rain).

Part II involved building a proper retaining wall for the driveway and separating the garden. We built the first form, poured the concrete and then crossed our fingers that the impending rain that night wouldn't wash it all away.

Earlier this morning we took off the forms and were glad to see that all held and looked good. Of course, it all looked a little too good and we had to roughen up the surface and edges so they weren't so square. Once this all dries, it hopefully will look like it's been there for many years.

Not bad for a 3 day weekend, 20 yard dumpster, concrete mixer and several hands to help.