Sunday, January 20, 2008

ReStore: Awesome Finds

I was reading one of my regular blogs on Friday, the Fixer-Upper and they were talking about a store in NY called ReHouse. Now, I don't live anywhere near NY...I'm in Missouri to be more specific; but I got to thinking that the St. Louis area has to have similiar types of stores.

I certainly do remember Antique Row on Cherokee Street and figured that would be a great place to start; but then I hopped online and found an article mentioning the Habitat for Humanity, ReStore. I went to their website and discovered they have ReStores across the US.

It was certainly shaping up to be a busy Saturday.

My Dad and I took the truck and after nearly missing the parking lot entrance, there it was, ReStore. It was over an enormous warehouse filled to the brim with building materials, some new, some old; but all at what seemed like great prices. We strolled through the aisles and then came upon the door section.

I should probably back up a bit. You see the door to my basement, all 24" wide, is immediately across from my front door. It is the first thing you see and the door is just downright ugly. One of the previous owners must have had a cat or I'd like to think a ferret and they installed one of those little doors. Well, just have a look for yourself...

It drives me crazy. So I know that down the road I'll be replacing this door; but I wanted something unique and of course fitting to the old house. My bedroom door; which is immediately to the right of this door is a big 36" wide solid white hollow core. It too needs to go and be replaced by something spectacular.

Back to ReStore. We found the door section which probably had 200+ doors of all shapes and sizes and as we soon discovered a handful were quite old. I found three doors...I know I only told you about 2 openings; but you'll see what I mean later. The absolutely amazing thing is that I got all 3 for the outlandishly low price of $20. No, not $20 a piece, $20 for all 3.
Here are the doors I found. This one is for the basement. I'm going to eventually paint it white; but for now, this is what it looks like.

It still has the old hinges still attached and the lockset seems to be intact...minus the key (but my Dad found about 30 skeleton keys that I'm going to try out) and the knob; but I know where I can find an old one of them. Now, for my bedroom door. My Dad found these and I LOVE them. We have to do some modifications; but these are perfect and oh so old-world looking. I think the idea of having 2 smaller doors to replace the one large door is perfect.

Now, I'll certainly show you the after pictures; but that will honestly not be for years down the road since these doors are not top priority.
I certainly encourage you to check out the Habitat for Humanity website to see if you have a ReStore near you. You'll be not only helping a great cause; but I guarantee you'll find something for a great deal.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kitchen Curtains

I don't know if I have really discussed the state of my kitchen. Here is a quick pro/con list.


-Alot of space, about 15x15

-Alot of cabinets

-Free Dishwasher (the PO left it in the house)

-Light above sink


-Only 2 small windows

-ugly, ugly, ugly...did I say ugly faux brick backsplash

-cheesy apple print wallpaper

Here is a photo of what it looked like during my walkthough. Nothing has really changed, except I moved in my stuff.
This is obviously on my ToDo list; but it is near the bottom. So, in the meantime, I need to embrass the ugliness; but that doesn't mean I can't add a little bit of sunshine.

A few weeks ago I decided to make some curtains for the 2 small windows that make up the corner above my sink. I still wanted to maintain some natural light, so I decided to go with cafe-style. I think they turned out pretty well and make living in the ugliness a little more bearable.

Here they are:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas 2007, Enough Said

So I haven't written for a long time and it's not because I haven't wanted to, I did take quite a few photos over the holidays that I had planned to share; but now that it is January 3rd-it just seems too late.

You see, the holidays snuck up on me this year. With having only "lived" in my house for a little over a month, the approaching holidays were kind of a disaster in regards to preparation and decoration.

Every year, my mother and I bake tons of cookies, and yes I mean tons. She probably makes 50 dozen herself and I another 20 or so, all different kinds that is. We usually take time to sort through what we made last year, what needs to change and then what new cookies to make. Well, this year, I didn't prepare (if you can even call it that) until the evening before. It all turned out well and good; but I missed taking the time to reflect on cookie year's past and layout my shopping list.
In regards to Christmas decorations, it was a mess. You see my previous home was alive with bright colors as were my decorations. Yet, since this house is not remodeled to my liking yet, honestly not much of ME can be seen right now, I was torn. I did want to try something new (New House = New Decorations) and decided to go with only black, silver and white decorations. Besides having slim pickings in my boxes, what I did put up just looked completely boring.
Instead, Christmas 2008 will be different, I have decided to not be so Martha Stewart and instead just go with what feels right. I mean who is going to stop me from hanging a cheesy purple Polka dot ornament next to a black victorian one, that's right.
My one TRUE gripe is all of the glitter one sees in the stores. I mean seriously, enough with the glitter. These stores take a perfectly cute ornament or decoration and destroy it with 3 lbs. of glitter.