Monday, November 19, 2007

Carriage Doors

For those of you who have been following the blog, the 100+ year old clapboard garage was a mess when I bought the house back in August of this year. As a reminder, here is what it looked like.

We put on a new roof, repaired and painted the clapboard siding and completely repoured the 20x22 ft concrete floor. The final decision was how I was going to finish the entrance. In the photo above you can see there are two enormous sliding doors. While the concept was nice, they were falling apart and the huge rollers were barely holding the weight anyway.

I had always loved the look of carriage doors and figured they would fit beautifully with the Folk-Victorian style of the house. So here is the after photo.

YES that is the same garage, although using the word "same" just doesn't fit the bill anymore. I cannot believe the transformation and I was involved in it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts. As for the Carriage Doors, my Dad and I made them ourselves and they look fantastic-don't they?

The sad part is that my garage looks so much better than my house-hahaha.


  1. Hi!

    I love what you're doing with the house!

    Have you considered listing it in the Home Name Registry? I think your home is perfect for it.

    The website is


  2. The carriage doors look fabulous. Were they hard to make? Your garage don't look like the same building. I love to see the progress you're making. Happy Thanksgiving, to bad you have to work. I will be at work also, hospitals are open 365 days a year!

  3. Thanks for the comments! The carriage doors weren't that hard to make...just heavy. Basically they are just supported frames with paneling and trim board on top. The black hardware and attention to proportion are what make the difference.

  4. I'm LOVING your blog. Just found it today and I love your home. Love whatyou're doing and can't wait to see more photos!! Great job!


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