Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KEYSTROKE Quilt Pattern

An Idea Is Born
KEYSTROKE was originally created as a concept for Windham Fabrics, inspired by a print from Julia Rothman's fabric collection TYPE.  The design was based on a close-up view of typewriter keys, a play on one of the prints in the collection.  Yet, the design was not selected, so it went into my vault for future use.

I don't really have a vault; but wouldn't that be interesting if I did.  

Opportunity Arises
In late 2015, an opportunity presented itself to design something for Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine and I immediately knew which idea I wanted to present to the Editor.  The design was selected (YES!) and scheduled for release in the Summer 2016 issue; as pictured below.

Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine / Summer 2016
Summer 2016 Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine

A Vision Comes To Life 
Several months later, I received an email from the Editor explaining that they would be photographing my KEYSTROKE quilt with an old-school typewriter (Perfect!).  Yet, they wanted to get my permission to photograph the quilt “upside down”.  Hmmmm??? 

Evidently the photoshoot layout they created didn't really mesh with the color placement in the quilt; but upside down it worked. I told them that I had confidence in what they envisioned...and I think you will agree, the result is pretty fantastic!

KEYSTROKE Quilt Pattern // Kristy Daum of St. Louis Folk Victorian - as appearing in Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine
KEYSTROKE Quilt // As shown in Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine.

Now let's see what other designs are in that vault of mine...hehehe.