Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Antique Quilt Finds : Saving Them One At a Time

It is said that a collection is anything that one owns in multiples and continues to seek out.

By that definitely, I was originally a collector of classic literature paperback books; you know those titles we all should have read in high school. Yet, as the time I spent actually reading dwindled over the years...so did my collection.  I still own my favorites; but parted ways with titles that were more unfamiliar or purchased in a rush.

As a Quilter, I have always admired hand-pieced/hand-sewn antique quilts, and those that I came across early on were rightfully worth the money; yet always out of my price range. Then one day I came across a quilt; which still had intricate stitches; but was a little rough around the edges. This quilt spoke to me, since I want the quilts I make to be used rather then kept in a chest untouched.

Soon enough I had a small collection of these well-loved quilts and while I do not purposely seek them out, they do seem to find me.  Earlier this year I spent some time photographing them and started a hashtag #kdaumquiltcollection on Instagram so I could document my collection.

This past Saturday on a trip to a local antique mall, I added 3 more quilts to my collection.  I posted the first of them yesterday.

I like to think that I am saving them from being destroyed (used as cutter quilts and sold off in small pieces), while also doing my part to preserve a small bit of history along the way.