Sunday, March 13, 2016

TopHop - How I Jumpstarted A Traveling Quilt Project

Have you ever had a quilt that you've wanted to make for as long as you can remember; but for one reason or another you have yet to actually start on it?

That is exactly how I felt about Medallion Quilts.  It is one of the many quilts on my Quilty Bucket List; but my admiration for them probably began when I saw [this quilt] on Flickr back in 2011.

An Idea Was Planted

Recently, some quilty friends and I were talking and we discovered our shared appreciation for Medallion Quilts and on the spot decided to pull together a small group and get a Traveling Quilt Project started.  We would each create a starter block and then swap it with another in the group, adding more borders or sections; after a year, the quilt-top will be returned home to it's originator. We will be using the hashtag #TopHop2016 on social media to share sneak-peeks, etc.

Our first block is due in early April, and while I've been pulling ideas for days, the hardest part is actually deciding on an overarching color palette.  As you can imagine, since we are only building the first block/section, it is helpful to provide some guidelines so the other quilters are not having to guess what you were thinking.

Scrappy Happy

I've decided I'm definitely going to go scrappy and have been saving tons of ideas on Pinterest; but it wasn't until this evening that I actually played with fabric, spending nearly an hour digging around in my stash, swapping this for that.

TopHop - Traveling Quilt Project // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum

I finally settled on something that I am fairly happy with, though we will see if I change my mind once it is time to start cutting out my pieces.