Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blocks, Blocks, and more Blocks

Now that my two secret sewing projects are done and awaiting publication; I've been working on some other sewing that I can actually share with you on my blog and on social media.

First up is what I'm calling my BlueBird Vintage Blocks.  I bought a FQ pack of Cotton & Steel's BlueBird collection last Fall. If you are unfamiliar with this line it is definitely worth a look.

The fabrics are various shades of blue, from light cornflower to dark indigo; and at first glance they could appear simple; but upon further inspection, you start to see some interesting designs including octopus, tigers, cutlery, and even intentionally "stained" fabric mixed in with the more calming floral and geometric prints.

I wanted to showcase the prints, so I chose a large block...specifically Vintage from Camille Roskelley's book Simply Retro.  These large 20" x 20" blocks are reminiscent of crocheted granny squares, and go together very quickly.

Vintage BlueBird Blocks // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum

I have decided on a 3 block x 4 block quilt layout, which means I have to make 12 blocks.  I currently have 6 done, although as you can see...only 4 are shown here in the photo.  It has been a very long time since I made a quilt just because I wanted to, so I am looking forward to putting this one together.

The other blocks that I have been working on are for various friends in my local quilting bee, the LouBee.  We started a new round this year, and first up for January was Mary Claire, who requested Squash Blossom blocks in various prints from her stash.

Squash Blossom Blocks // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum

Squash Blossom Blocks // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum

For February, Juli Ann requested this Spinning Stars block; which is a free tutorial from Anna Maria Horner.  Juli Ann actually cut into her beloved AMH fabric collections so we could make these blocks for her.  I have two down, and potentially two more to go.

Spinning Stars Block // St. Louis Folk Victorian - Kristy Daum

This block is interesting on its own; but look at how amazing it looks when there are more of them.  JuliAnn shared a quick glance on her IG page...and you have to admit, that's pretty cool.

We already received the blocks for March; but I have yet to start them. It is a few months before it is my turn; which is nice because I haven't a clue what block I want to choose.  Is there a block that you love, or go back to time and again that would be good for a block exchange?


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  1. Ellison Lane just put up a large block tutorial that looks cool, but not hard


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