Sunday, January 17, 2016

"New" Old Doors

One of the very first things to go when I decided to renovate my bedroom back in 2013 was the hollow core door.  While the previous owners tried to spruce it up with some trim, that couldn't hide the fact that the door situation needed an upgrade.

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // "New" Old Doors

While the bedroom was renovated and even long after, I grew accustomed to not having a door, although one would eventually be necessary.  Along the way I found two old doors at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, and my Dad took to refinishing them, moving hinges, etc.  Although originally my plan was to stain or paint them, the randomly sanded surface that resulted was so much more interesting and I wouldn't dare cover that up with paint or stain.

Fast forward two years to this most recently past Christmas holiday when I had several days of vacation accrued.  My Dad and I had to build out part of the wall, so the "new" old doors would fit since they were a few inches less in width then the opening.  We then added a new door frame and hung the first door.  

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // "New" Old Doors

Surprisingly, considering the age of the house and the fact that hardly anything in it is squared up, the door swung open and close without problem.  While the second door's installation needed some extra attention, it was actually more due to the old hinges we were using then the door or opening itself. 

St. Louis Folk Victorian // Kristy Daum // "New" Old Doors

While I have taped and spackled the drywall, this is pretty much where I am today.  I still need to sand and paint the wall inside my bedroom, then paint and add the wood trim.  The living room, which is the room in which I am standing while taking the above photos, is also in a stage of renovation, so I am in no immediate hurry to get this part of the doorway trimmed out, since I have a lot of decisions yet to make about how I want to refinish that room.  

Then of course, there are lots of additional things, one of which is you know...doorknobs; which will come in time.  

If you would like to see how I renovated my Bedroom, check out this previous post [My Bedroom Renovation & Finally Getting Some Zzzz's] which shows lots of before and after photos.

-- Kristy

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