Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My WIP List : 2015

As it's now several days into 2015, I thought it appropriate to collect a list of my WIP at the beginning of the year, so I can see my progress when I do a recap at the end of the year.

For purposes of this activity, I am calling a WIP anything that I have purposely purchased fabric for with the explicit intention of actually making it, or the project is already underway in various stages.

So, let's see how bad it is, shall we...


  • String Quilt 
    • Circa 2010 - created with the blocks from members from the Simply Strings Bee
    • Quilt Top is finished, Backing is purchased

  • Lou Bee Sewing-Sampler Quilt
    • Circa 2012
    • I have all of the paper-pieced instructions; but only started one of them

  • Lou Bee Star Quilt
    • Circa 2014
    • Blocks have all been received

  • Scattered Squares Quilt
    • Circa Feb 2014
    • Made a handful of blocks

  • Antique Quilt Remake
    • Circa 2012 - when I bought the antique quilt and decided to "remake" it.
    • I purchased the fabric; but haven't started anything

  • Scrappy Swoon
    • Circa 2012  
    • Four blocks made, need to decide on layout as I'm doing it differently

  • Pink
    • Circa 2014
    • Quilt top is done 

  • Improv SLSC
    • Circa 2014
    • The blocks were pieced improvisationally during an event at the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC)

I think that I might give up on these WIP; which I'm okay with because I'm not really loving them anymore. 

  • Cheetos Quilt
    • Circa 2014
    • Fabric is purchased.
    • I designed a quilt and purchased the fabric; but honestly am totally feeling meh about it now.  I called it the "Cheetos" quilt because one of the fabrics I bought was the brightest of orangey colors, like Cheetos.  The good news is that I can add the fabric to my stash or else destash it.  I haven't put that much time into it at this stage.

  • Tote
    • Circa 2012
    • Fabric, Thread & Notions are purchased
    • I was eager to make this tote years ago; but after having made two totes of another pattern, I like that style instead.  The good news is that I will joyfully add this fabric to my stash and use it elsewhere as it's one of those HTF (Hard to Find) fabrics.

So, tell me...do you have a list somewhere of your WIP, or do you just keep the projects hidden away.



  1. Just this morning, I sat down to formally complete my list of Sewing/Quilting Goals for 2015. I like to have the list on hand and use it to document progress (oh, how I LOVE drawing a line through a project to indicate a finish!), add projects and make various notes.

  2. I sometimes have a list, but I need to update it and get chipping away. I know you didn't ask for feedback but I'd like you to finish your swoon and tell us more about the abandoned tote bag.


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