Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IG Mini Swap

A few weeks ago, while scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across an invitation to participate in the IGMiniSwap.  Hosted by Sandy, @curly_boy1, who I had originally "met" thanks to our shared interest in all things Geeky.

The rules were simple, you sign up, you are assigned a secret partner, you make them a mini quilt no larger then 24" x 24" to arrive in the month of December.  While I had participated in my fair share of swaps on Flickr, this would be my first Instagram swap.  Word soon spread and by the time sign-ups had closed, there were 560 people participating...560, that's crazy!!!

I received my partner's info last week and we have all been encouraged to make a mosaic of things that we like...so here is mine.

Quilt Inspiration

1. Cathedral Window quilt for Love Patchwork & Quilting mag, 2. Tamiko's Mini, 3. Atomic Firecracker, 4. "Scatter" - orange peel baby quilt, 5. do. Good Stitches Imagine Circle March Quilt top, 6. Crumb mini for Jacey, 7. Green chartreuse, 8. Structured Scraps, 9. Miichael Miller challenge quilt

The key to any good swap is to do a lot of investigative research, so you can get a feel for what your secret partner likes and more importantly doesn't like.  Mosaics are a great jumping off point; but checking out their Pinterest boards, Blog and other social media outlets is all part of the game too.

If you didn't get the chance to participate in this swap; but want to see how things work, you can follow along by using the hashtag #igminiswap on Instagram.

So, are you one of the 560 participating in the swap?


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