Friday, May 9, 2014

Where Art & Science Meet

It has been said that...

A Simple Hello Could Lead To A Million Things

Late last year, after hearing that the St. Louis Science Center was hosting a Doctor Who event, I spontaneously contacted them to see if they would have interest in showing my quilt [The Tenth]. Little did I know that simple email would open the doors to so many exciting opportunities.  

If you hop over to my Teaching & Events page, you'll notice that I have not 1 or 2; but 5 events scheduled with the St. Louis Science Center this year.  

The first is coming up on June 7th, and is part of their Bright Ideas Expo; which is explained much more eloquently on their website:

"...engage with innovative minds in our community as you get an inside look into the creative process. Delve into the work of local game developers, visual artists, performers, crafters and tech visionaries - and, you'll have a chance to join in on the fun."

I had to write a proposal and let them know my "story", what I would be educating the audience on and what sort of interactive activity I would be doing. Channeling Alexandra Franzen [if you don't read her blog, you should], I tried to write a captivating proposal and I guess it worked...because I received an email saying they "Loved It" and then I was invited to participate in two activities later in the Summer as part of their Dinosaurs In Motion exhibit. 

I know it sounds weird, that I, a Quilter would be involved in something like this. Truth be told, it sounded weird to me at first too, until I read the tagline...

...Where Art & Science Meet

It makes perfect sense now. 

So what exactly will I be doing at the Bright Ideas Expo?

Well, aside from sharing the steps on how a quilt comes to be...Design, Cutting, Piecing, Layering, Basting, Quilting, Ta-Da!  I'll actually be piecing improv blocks on site, with collaboration from the audience.  So if you are local to the St. Louis area and want to stop by, I would love to see you.

Now that my proposal was accepted, I need to sort out all of the nitty-gritty table and backdrop displays, what I am actually bringing, fabric, notions, and let's not forget things like making an apron to keep the sharp-objects away from little hands, some signs so people can find me on social media, etc. 

As part of my process, I will be sharing my progress with you, including photos of the event, photos of the blocks and resulting quilt.

So, have you said Hello recently, and did it lead to new adventures?