Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well Crap

No matter how hard I tried, I am [as it turns out] only human.

A recent customer of mine from across the pond, sent me an email asking about my STAR'D pattern. You see, she tried multiple times, even sending photographic proof, to put together one of the blocks and it just was not working for her.  She politely asked it if was possible that my measurement was wrong, and you know what... [enter scary music] was

Please don't make voodoo dolls of me and burn your patterns.  I'm Sorry!

You see, what should have been 3" was instead written as 3 1/2".

Now, you might be asking yourself how this slipped past me. Well, honestly...STAR'D was different then my other patterns, as the quilt was finished before I ever had intentions of writing a pattern. I relied entirely on my heavily scribbled notes and the knowledge that I had already made the quilt.

My other patterns were written simultaneously with piecing the quilt, and in the case of my collaborations with manufacturers, my quilt math is verified by other people and programs too. STAR'D on the other hand was entirely me and my stupidity.

So, what have been my next steps.  I amended the pattern, thanked my UK quilting detective who found the error and sent her the updated pattern right away.  I then uploaded it to ETSY and CRAFTSY, and already contacted those PDF customers, sending amended copies their way too.  Finally, I have contacted my retail partners and are working with them accordingly.

While I know that people make mistakes and things like this happen all the time; I pride myself on being meticulous, so hopefully this is the first and last time that I write a post as such.

So, tell me...have you found errors before in patterns?  Have you told the Designer, Magazine, etc?

-- Kristy


  1. Yes! I found a major error in a pattern published in Stitches magazine by a well known quilter! She apologised and, as it couldn't be remedied, I threw the sewing out! So much for my precious and meagre fabric stash! At least you made it up to your 'corrector' in some way!

  2. Don't feel bad! That's what errata is for. :) I can speak from experience that it's not fun to find an issue after publishing (yeah...not at all), but you fixed it and let everyone know, which is the important part. I am truly thankful for the times when I have someone else diligently checking my work too--so much more peace-of-mind!


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