Monday, April 7, 2014

Say hello to...

Some of you might know of my love for bunnies. I have taken care of several over the years and yet have been without a little furry companion for nearly a year now.

That all changed a few weeks ago, when I went to my local Humane Society and adopted this little guy.

He was one of about ten bunnies of various ages and breeds that the organization had been taking care of recently. It was a tough decision, and while cuteness did count; so did the fact that this little one was still quite a baby...not even three months old.

He has been adjusting nicely to his new home, scampering around, being inquisitive, and chewing up lots of cardboard and newspaper.

All of the bunnies that I have taken care of previously all had "pet" names (Spunky, Skittles, Tumbles, etc); but I wanted this one to have a "human" name. So I made a list, as did my family and coworkers...some of the considerations were...

...Sir Remington (or Remi for short)

He has been unnamed for about 3 weeks now; but I finally settled on Watson.

It was in fact the first name that came to mind while I was at the Humane Society, and while I've been trying out different names these last few weeks...time and again Watson was the first one that I kept coming back to.

-- Kristy