Sunday, April 20, 2014

Perks of Being An Adult

Corrin from Oh Hey, What's Up? was talking about the Perks of Being an Adult back in Mid-March to celebrate her Birthday week, and I got thinking...I'm totally going to steal borrow that idea when it's my Birthday.

I'm turning 35 this week (on Thursday to be exact); which puts me right in the middle of my 30's, and while people may have assumptions as to what a 30-something is supposed to have checked-off of that list. I am happy to say that I threw that list out a while ago and haven't looked back.

So, here are the Perks of Being An I see it.

  • Do...Stay up as late as you want.  Bedtimes no longer exist.  Do you want to finish that series on Netflix? Do it. How about sewing the binding on that quilt?  Bring it on.  Want to scroll through Pinterest? Absolutely.
  • Do...Buy and wear what fits, looks good and makes you happy...regardless of the size on the label, the store it is from, or if it is trendy.   
  • Do...Embrace your quirkiness, as that is definitely what makes you -You. Are you an introvert...Great, be That!  Are you an extrovert...Fantastic, be That!  
  • Do...Eat whatever floats your boat.  You no longer have to get an A+ on that test to warrant a special treat.  If you want to grab something from the cupcake truck, do it.  How about a bowl of cereal for dinner, that's okay too.  How about a big cold glass of milk with every meal, now you are talking.

And my Don't

  • Don't....Wait for someday to do whatever it is you want to do.  While I am still working on following this myself, I have noticed that whenever I was a little more spontaneous, those are the times/things that I have cherished and appreciated the most.

So, tell me what would be on your Perks of Being an Adult list?



  1. Do nothing because you earned it.

  2. Love it!!! I've checked some of those on my list a few times (seriously, these are not one timer events!!)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yes, as an adult you can have a birhday week! Have fun and cake!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Gosh, staying up late and eating what I want are definitely my perks. Also not waiting for what you want to do... Just work towards it.

    Which I guess is your list isn't it!?

  5. Happy birthday week! I love this...though I'm more in the "go to sleep as early as you want" camp. :-)


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